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A little girl on girl?

Saturday nights always start out slow especially since you are required to be at the club for 8pm and work until 2 am. That is your shift and if you come in late you still have to pay the house $90, so it’s in your best interest to work the entire night. It was a little after 8:30 pm and Mandy was called up to stage. Before she went on I suggested that once she was on main stage she played the song “candy” and we would dance together. Both she and I weren’t really sure what would do but I just wanted to get the dances started.

Once she stepped onto the main stage I was quick to follow. She grabbed my dress and pulled me into her. Once she had tight hold she slithered down me until she was on her knees. Once she was on her knees she pulled me down to her level and slid my legs out and straddled on top of me. While she was on top of me she swayed her hair over me as she slid my dress down and throwing it into the crowd. At this point I turned my head to see what the crowd was doing and all I could see was gaping mouths. She flipped me over on my back stretching the back of my bra so the crowd could she was taking it off and unhooked the clasp. When my bra was off she forcefully flipped me back over. Once she did that I took control and pushed her down and flipped her over untying the back of bikini with my teeth. I then edged my mouth down the side of her body and took untied the side of her bottoms and went for the second tie. When that was done I took my long black hair and hung it over her pussy like a tent simulating me going down on her. The song ended just in time as she took off my bottoms.

When we got off of stage we both had guys waiting for us, as I was dancing for me he asked if Mandy was my girlfriend. I answered no my best friend from High School. He asked about our slumber parties and I indulged him in what he would like to have thought.

We both got dance after dance that night. From then on when it was a bit slow we did a little girl on girl.