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Reply on Frat questions…

I made some comments on some of your questions and this one was a bit big to go in the comment section of my blog.

talkstr8 wrote:

you lived in a fraternity? there has to be some stories there

There is not too many juicy stories about when I lived in the Fraternity because up until that point in my life I had only had sex with one person who I dated from the 9th grade until I graduated so I was still a good girl then….

I did live in the fraternity but not when I was stripping. I live there after I graduated high school during my summer break. Fraternities subsidize rush by allowing a few “good looking” girls to live in during the summer. Not only does this help their yearly budget but it also shows the guys rushing the house that this frat can get hot girls. It’s in their best interest to be really picky and choosy. This particular fraternity had a huge list of girls that tried to rush during the summer but they only wanted the “fab 15”. It was actually really amazing to live in a house with a ton of really hot guys and only 15 girls as competition.

The girls had their “floor” and had our own bathroom, which was the only way I would have lived with those boys. Frat boys are disgustingly messy and sharing a bathroom would have been a deal breaker for me. We partied every night and most times I would end up making out with a guy and stumbling back to my room to pass out. My roommate Christine was another story. OMG, this girl needed help.

Christine was my friend, we used to lifeguard together back in high school and I didn’t want to room with anyone I didn’t know so I convinced the rush chair to let her in. She had already tried on her own and got rejected, so she came back with me and we begged him to let her in or I would have to go to a different house to live for the summer. He was so sweet and let her in. Smart move because we are fun girls or at least I was!

The first night it was really pretty tame as we were all getting to know each other in the house. Most of the fab 15 had boyfriends that were already in the house so it was great for those girls because not only could they keep an eye on their guys all summer but they could hook up and not have to do the walk of shame. Anyway, that night we had a roof party and Christine met “dirt”. Ryan’s nickname was dirt because that is the way he treated girls like after he fucked them. He was actually the sweetest guy, unless you fucked him. Christine started flirting with Dirt and he was totally all over it. After too many drinks I decided to go back to bed and leave Christine and Dirt to do whatever they were going to do.

The next morning Christine slipped into bed and I leaned down over my top bunk and asked her if she slept with Dirt. She was head over heels telling me he is not your typical guy, I can change him..yada,yada,yada. We had been warned about him when we moved in and she goes and fucks him on the first night. Okay it totally went down hill from there.

The next day Dirt wouldn’t even talk to her let alone look at her. Everyone in the house knew what she did and since she wasn’t hand selected the guys were less than nice to her calling her Slutstine. She really lost her mind. She cut off all of her hair and bleached it platinum blond and did some stupid spice diet and went completely nuts. She stocked him at night walking the halls naked and banging on his door when he was in the room other girls. She did this night after night. It was completely embarrassing.

Meanwhile I partied with guys but it was getting harder and harder to be her roommate. They guys and I would have fun but after awhile I couldn’t watch her spiral down anymore so I started staying as far away from the house as possible. I met another girl in the house and we started going clubbing. We met these guys who owned Rckcandy and got into their clubs every night. It was great we met a ton of bands like Presidents of the United States of America, Candlebox and Pearl Jam just to name a few. Matt and Damon owned the club and Nicole and I were totally lucky to date them. Not only did we get in the club for free and never wait in one line but we got to meet a ton of bands. It was the best time. Matt had an amazing condo in Seattle that overlooked all of downtown. At first I was timid to be with him because he was so much older than me and he went to school with my older brother! They used to play football together in high school. I also didn’t want to sleep with him too fast because I didn’t want to become Christine and he my “dirt”. That didn’t happen. We dated that entire summer.

Fall came and I had to buckle down at school so I had to break off my relationship with Rckcandy and Matt. That’s when everything started.