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Bachelor Party

By this time Kylie had really taken me under her wing and I really trusted her. She was great and I was in awe of her. She never really worked all that much but she always had a ton of money and had all these side jobs. I had told her that private dances weren’t for me because I thought I might be a little too new to get into that at this point in my career. She suggested that I work with her a bit to really get to know the routine of a private dance and how to do one properly. She had already promised to perform at a bachelor party at a University of Washington fraternity. I was really hesitant to do a bachelor party especially at the UW. I had lived in a fraternity during the summer I graduated high school. So not only did I know a bunch of guys from there but I also knew how out of control frat guys can get given a bit of alcohol and naked women.

We went in the back alley of the Sigma Epsilon house and went into a room I hadn’t seen before. I have been to this house plenty of times during the summer for parties and I had never been in this part of the house before. I was a little nervous because once you are in these house you lose a sense of protection. Fraternity brothers stick together and if they wanted to rape you they could and no one who speak a word of it. I didn’t feel like Kylie had any clue of how frat boys could be or maybe she did but wasn’t worried. Once we were in the house we were lead into a room to change and then I almost died when I saw what Kylie had planned for us to wear. She had two black paten leather dominatrix costumes for us to wear fully with whips and hand cuffs. She told me that she would be the leader and I would be chained up to her and she would lead me in the room once in the room she would have me dance for her and then she would push me on the ground and dance for me. Once we had killed time with our show she would ‘release’ me from my bonds and I would work the room while she worked the ‘bachelor’. Holy shit what was I in for?

I will try to describe the outfit I wore but it is very difficult because this is not a costume I ever wore again. It is a one piece black paten leather with a thong bottom and a T strapless front. The T just barely covered my nipples and I had a two piece chain choker necklace with a lead attached. Kylie handed me a whip and two pair of handcuffs which she attached to a chain belt that hung just on my hips. This was a far cry from the Victoria Secret look I was going for. She took another chain out of her bag and attached it to my neck as her lead and asked me if I was ready. There was no way I could go back.

We walked out and she was leading the way with me keeping up behind her so I didn’t get choked. The guys were on their feet clapping and whistling, they acted like dogs in heat. I realized that this could either be extremely dangerous or we could just get really lucky and leave in one piece. Kylie instructed for a chair to be placed in the center of the room and she sat down like nobility. She took her whip and ran it over my tits and down my stomach and stuck the handle in between my legs. She pulled on my chain and demanded me to turn her on and dance for her. I just went for it. I started dancing as seductively as I could; pushing her head back and running my tongue down her stomach. The guys were going crazy. She grabbed my chain harder and told me she was in charge and she would tell me what to do. She instructed me to pull my breasts out so she could fondle them. She told me to turn around and bend over so she could lightly whip my ass. She asked me if I liked that and then she pushed me down on the ground and straddled me and pushed her huge fake DDD tits onto mine and slide down my stomach stopping at my bikini kissing my stomach, licking my belly button and with her teeth grabbed my bikini bottoms and slid them off. She then grabbed my legs and splayed them into a V showing all the guys my pussy. She kissed up my legs toward my pussy and then when she got to my pussy she flipped me over and got me on my hands and knees and starting simulating doggie style. I couldn’t believe that I was completely naked in a room full of horny drunk fraternity boys. Fuck!

She left on my chains and the leash and pulled me onto the chair so she could finish the dance with me in the chair. She slithered all over me handing me my whips so I could whip her. I lightly whipped her and she ordered me to do it harder. The whip left a welt on her ass. The guys were really getting into it so I stood up and grabbed the bachelor and pulled him onto the chair and handcuffed him to the chair. Kylie and I both started dancing for him but before the song ended I pulled her to me and aggressively took off her clothes so we both naked. I took the left side and she the right and we started teasing him pushing my tits right in his face and then pulling back just as he tried to lick me. He had only one hand handcuffed to the chair so Kylie took her other pair of handcuffs and handcuffed the other hand to the chair. He was completely restrained. I started to unbutton his pants. At this point all the guys were absolutely going crazy telling the bachelor to enjoy it because soon he wouldn’t have this. Once he was in his boxers we both started grinding on him. Kylie was on his lap with her back leaning against his chest and I was hovering over them dancing for both of them. Now Kylie was the one to do the licking. She started licking my neck seductively. I pushed her head back and straddled her legs. I leaned back on both of them with my tits in her face. Kylie then slid over so that both of us were in his lap. He was getting really hard and his dick was popping out of his boxers so I left Kylie to finish the dance. After all I had a room a bunch of horny guys that were in a need of a dance.

I asked the boys who was the “nicest” and who was the ‘naughtiest” the guys pointed to one guy who was the “nicest” and I told them I was about to convert him to the “naughtiest”. I straddled the guy completely naked and instantly I felt him go hard. I let his friends know that at least he had the equipment to be naughty. I started grinding on him with my ass and stood up and turned around and my tits were right in his face I grabbed his hands and placed them on my tits. He was getting really excited. I slid down his chest and my tits rested right on his dick and I leaned over where my face was right at his dick and breathed hot air right on him. I asked him if he was turned on which obviously, from the huge hard on, he was but I wanted him to really get into it. I straddled him one more time and bent my head back supporting myself on my hands and wrapped my legs around his head. All the guys loved my stripper gymnastics, coming closer to the dance. I flipped over and finished the dance with my tits in his lap. After the dance ended and I looked down and saw a wet spot on his khakis. I grabbed his face and kissed him on the cheek. The next dance was much tamer and I didn’t let the guys put their hands all over me but I did ask for the naughtiest next.

Once I had the naughtiest I took off my chain necklace and put on him. I lead him over into the corner. All the guys were excited to see what I would do to him. I pulled off his shirt and his pants so he was just in his boxers and I lightly whipped him and pushed him down onto the ground. I crawled over him teasing him as I went down starting in the 69 position with my pussy right above his face. I bit his pants a few times and then turned around and worked my way down. I lightly bit his nipples as my nipples ever so slightly touched him. I blew hot air on his stomach lightly stroking his stomach with my hands and once I got to his dick I sat him up and put him in a chair and continued the dance. I took my whip and ran it up and down his chest and lightly whipped his chest. I grabbed the back of his hair and pulled his head back and climbed on his lap whispering in his ears. I asked him how naughty he really was. He was completely embarrassed. A few of the guys had surrounded him and were egging him on. The dance ended and I winked at him and said he wasn’t naughty enough.

When we left I asked Kylie how much she charged them and she told me $500 for the hour and we left with $250 each. I am not sure if it was worth $250 for an hour of being completely naked in front of a bunch of frat guys and especially wearing dominatrix stuff being lead around by a leash but it beat working at Sugar’s for the entire night.

Just for you guys…

Flag23 & Talkst8 you both wanted to know how I danced for those 15 guys and you wanted specifics so here you go…

Eric had given me a huge opportunity to make money and I didn’t want to blow it.  At first I was conflicted on how “good” the dance should be since I still had Bonnie our watch dog looking around and was in the middle of the club but I did have the benefit of having all the guys sheltering my dance.

The first dance was a bit tame since I was still getting in my groove.  Poor guy.

But since I was feeling even more sexy having all these guys want dances the next guys dance was not so tame and I leaned my ass onto his dick most of the dance and actually grabbed his hands and placed them on my inner thighs teasing him a bit.  He started to get a bit nervous and I actually had to hold his hands on my thighs since he was trying to pull them off.  I then turned around and told him to enjoy it.  I swung my leg over the back of the bench with my pussy right in his face and and then kneeled down sliding my leg down his chest.  Once on my knees, I rubbed my tits on his dick and then leaned my face in his lap and blew out hot breath.  Just as I was getting him really hard the song ended.

With the next guy I finished off where I started with the second guy.  I started on my knees with my head in his lap and then slowly ran my hands up his chest.  Once I was fully standing I leaned in and my tits were pushed really high up since I was wearing a corset, I whispered in his ear if I was turning him on and then slid part of my corset down so he could see all of my breast then leaned in even further giving him the opportunity to taste me.  He slid his tongue out of his mouth and licked up and down my nipple.  I nervously looked over his shoulder as I could see Bonnie start to walk over so I leaned down just a bit and pulled my corset back up.  She stood right behind him looking at me and so I backed way off and finished the dance.

Towards the end of dancing for all the guys the dances started getting more risque’.  The last dance I was sweating and worked up.  I started the dance on my feet and then grabbed his head in my hands and brought his head right into my cleavage.  I then pushed it back forcefully and turned around and slid my ass along his dick harder and harder then backed away.  Feeling he was hard I straddled his lap and pushed my pussy right into his dick with only my thong and his pants separating us.  I dry fucked him for awhile and then feeling a little too excited I slipped down to my knees and put his hard dick in between my tits, squeezed my tits together with my arms so he could feel me all around him and then reached down with one hand below my tits to lightly fondled  his balls through his pants.  He start thrusting forward and was just about to cum when the music stopped. Three minutes is just not long enough, but Eric had said he was only going to pay for one dance per guy.  Too bad because some of them were really hot and I could have really gotten into it.

All the guys were completely concentrating on each and every dance.  Mostly, they didn’t want to draw Bonnie’s attention so they sat back not saying much but watching intently.  I am sure all the guys were married and I bet they went home that night and  fucked the shit out of their wives because they were all worked up and ready to go.

*On a side note, if I am more than happy to elaborate about my dances but if you are “done with this blog” then that is your choice.  But if you bear with me we are just getting warmed up and the really good stuff starts in Vegas.*

Freaky Friday…

The first Friday night I ever worked I was lucky enough to have Mandy there. We spoke on the phone before we arrived. For me my nerves were worse than the first time dancing and I can only contribute it to the crowd. I had heard from Kylie that Friday nights and Saturday nights were the biggest money makers. I wanted to do well. I couldn’t even eat that entire day. Mandy was equally as nervous so we had planned on meeting exactly at 8:00 in the parking lot so we could walk in together. The club wasn’t that busy yet but the locker room was packed. Girls I hadn’t seen during the week were there, I guess they only work the weekends. We were lucky to find a locker and got dressed.

Mandy wore a blue bikini with the same shoes I had and I wore my corset, garters and white thigh highs. I had my hair twisted up with curls falling down the sides of my face. There was a girl in the back the kind of reminded me of Kylie but a blonde version. Maybe it’s because she was older. Her name was Desiree and I later found out how wrong I was to ever compare her to Kylie. Desiree was very skinny and had large fake boobs and one of those fake hair toppers (you know the kind that looks like you have more hair than you do). I later found out from her that she was married with children and her husband was in construction but had recently had a back injury and was out of a job. At first I found her a bit noble to be working really hard to keep her family afloat but with Desiree everything about her was fake including the spiel she was spewing. What she didn’t want you to know was that she was a major coke whore and would prostitute herself out for the smallest gram but more on her later.

I worked the crowd that night with my stage performances and the free dance section of the night. Three times a night to get the crowd going and as kind of an advertisement for you the D.J shouts out free dances. You get a 1 minute blurb of a song to dance for a guy. Hopefully he likes it and actually will buy a dance but many times people will just come in for the free dance and not buy one single dance. If those guys come in frequently enough they are known and girls will talk about them and they won’t get any dances. I have seen girls who will step up to these guys thinking they are going to get a free dance and when the music starts not even move, just stand there. The guys get the point after a few times a start shelling out some money. Since it was my first Friday night and I was a newcomer I did really well. That was the night I met Eric.

Eric was in with 10-15 guys and at first I didn’t want to dance for him because I was intimidated to dance with all those guys watching. Once I got off stage he called over for me to give his friends a dance. I got over my nerves and did the dance and he bought the rest of the guys a dance. I asked him if he would like a dance but he said no. He asked me if he could just pay me to sit and talk with him. Really? I sat and he told me he was a stock broker for a major firm and these were his clients and he brings clients in frequently. Eric reminds me of George Kastanza, in fact he looks just like him. When the song ended he grabbed my leg and told me to “go make some money kid”.

What Eric had done for me that I didn’t realize it at the time was to get all the other customers intrigued. They all thought I must have given amazing dances to be kept that busy so they all wanted a dance. I even had guys coming up to me while I was dancing for one guy to ask in the middle of dance to come see him after I was done. What that did was make the guy I was originally dancing for spend the rest of his money on me. Once I finally finished dancing for all the guys that night I left with $925. That was huge money!

Once you go black…

Thursdays were always surprisingly busy to Mandy and my demise. We liked to stay at home and watch Friends and ER but one day they were having reruns on both shows and showed up to work. We were shocked at how busy it was I guess it was because all the guys’ girlfriends and or wives were at home watching friends.

The crowd was filled with a good mix of guys. There were young guys who notoriously only spend at most $40, business men who could make your night, the sleazy regulars who wouldn’t buy a dance unless there was a new girl he could take advantage of and normal regulars who were off limits unless he was yours. I made my rounds a noticed this very tall black guy. I leaned over and asked him for a dance and to my surprise he said ‘yes’. See typically black guys and Mexican guys don’t like getting dances from me. Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t have a big enough booty or I just have too much attitude, I am not really sure. Mexican guys usually don’t get dances because once they start speaking Spanish to me and I don’t reciprocate it back they get annoyed. I can understand Spanish and speak it enough but not enough to go into a conversation.

The guy was at least 6’5, very fit and well dressed. I started the dance and it was a bit difficult because he was so tall. I couldn’t throw my leg over his shoulder it was too high. I ended up doing a lot of grinding down on his nice slacks. I felt a little bad like I would wrinkle them, but I could tell he could care less. I felt him grow bigger and bigger. I am not exaggerating when I say that his dick came down to his knee. It was tucked on the left side of his pants and when I rubbed it with my ass I could feel it pulse. I have to be honest there are not many men that turn me on while I am dancing but he certainly did. I kept imagining the size of his dick. I knew if I ever had sex with someone that size he would break me in two. His chest and legs were so well defined and when I ran my hands down it I could clearly envision what he looked like naked. He was getting me wet.

The dance wasn’t long enough and I wanted to keep dancing for him. When I went to ask him for another dance he said he had ‘curfew’. I walked him to the door where he got in his limo and drove away. I totally wanted to hop in the limo with him and go back to his room. He has been the only one to this day that I have wanted to do that with.

The next dance I did paled in comparison to my dark stallion. To this day I think fondly back on that dance.

A Private Affair

The receptionist at Tubs was not the least bit shocked as I walked through the door with a guy who was at least 15 years my senior and was obviously not my boyfriend. She asked for our license and asked how many hours we would like the room. Oh my god am I really doing this? I realized just how seedy this was renting a hot tub room by the hour, gross! So here we were walking into this room with vinyl covered furniture, it must be for easy cleaning and a room that smelled more like chlorine than my chemical room in the lifeguard shack which was obviously trying to kill anything living.

Bob brought some champagne, which was such a mistake because as soon as he opened the bottle I downed two glasses straight away. Let this be known that I am a two drink maximum person; I only weigh 115lb so two drinks sends me soaring. The champagne definitely took the edge off straight away and my defenses were down. I had never done a private dance so I wasn’t really sure how I should start. He wanted to know if I wanted to go into the hot tub in the room so I said sure. We sat in there for a few minutes and then I thought about all the nasty stuff people do in this hot tub so I got out dried off, slipped on a pair of dry panties and started dancing.

Now, Bonnie was nowhere in sight and I wasn’t protected from his wandering hands and face. The thing was I really didn’t care all that much, I was buzzing and the heat from the hot tub made the buzz even more intense and nothing mattered at that point. The vinyl bench was really hard to dance on because it was the height of a bed so I climbed on top of the bench and danced hovering over him. This was a horrible position because my pussy was right in his face. He started to pull me into him and I didn’t really know how far I should let him go because again I didn’t really care. He started to kiss my inner thigh and I actually kind of liked it. I was so into the music and what I was doing I forgot who I was dancing for. He was trying to slip my panties off. Here I was topless standing over Bob who was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. When I looked down and realized what I was really doing I decided I need to make a change. I pushed him down on the bench and crawled over him rubbing my breasts up and down his chest playfully lifting his t-shirt putting my hands on his bare chest, lightly blowing on his stomach. Once I got down to his dick I slid off the bench and pulled him to the edge of the bench and started rubbing against him with my tits instead of my ass. I breathed heavily in his ears whispering if he liked my tits and I leaned into him whilst in between his thighs letting him run his hands over my nipples.

He was getting harder and harder and I didn’t want him to cum all over me so  after I few  songs right before he was about to burst I asked him if there was anything particular he wanted to do.  I was surprised he didn’t ask for sex but instead he pulled out a Polaroid camera and asked if he could take naked pictures of me. See the smart girl would have said no but the drunken girl said how would you like me to pose? I grabbed the towel and wrapped it around me staring seductively at the camera and then I arched my back and let go of the towel. He took 4 or 5 pictures and I only let him keep 2. I still have some of those pictures and if you know me you would laugh because I was the girl in High School that didn’t have a boyfriend and would never have been in a compromising position but instead here I was sprawled out naked with my legs spread trying to look sexy for this ‘Regular’.

Thank God that hour went by really fast and it was time to leave but as I drove home still buzzing and replaying the entire day I felt sick. Sick, not because I drank too much but sick because I felt like I was becoming who I didn’t want to be and I had lost even more of who I was just for money. I learned a lot that day and one thing was that I can not ever let my guard down and drink one on one and the second thing was that I needed to feel the power to actually be in control and say no. That Saturday Bob was in control not me.

Did he jog here?

It was a Wednesday night and it was pretty slow but I was determined to make some money as rent was fast approaching and my bank account was dwindling. I came in and surveyed the less than large crowd and saw a few guys check me out. I did the rounds asking guy after guy for a dance. I got the ‘I am okay’ response that equated to no money. I thought it was a bit of a hopeless night until I noticed a guy sitting in the corner. Okay the corner guys always want a dance. They are in prime time real estate and know the price of sitting there is to keep the twenties flowing. If you are not getting dances in the corner and other guys are forced to get a dance in the middle of a room girls will ask you to move. So this older guy with balding hair, running shorts and shoes was sitting in the corner. He actually reminded me of one of my math teachers from school. I asked him for a dance.

I started dancing for him teasing him like I usually do not directly sitting on their lap the first part of the dance, standing back a bit leaning in, running my fingers through his non existent hair, sliding down the front of his lap rubbing my breasts into his penis. Then I stopped. Something was sticking out saying hi. That sick fuck was not wearing any underwear and he was dribbling on my dress. Now I am not talking drool I am talking dribble from his dick. When I stood up he pushed me back onto him and leaned his head back like he was going to cum. I backed off again and told him not to touch me again. He grabbed me back down again and I lost balance falling into him just as he came all over my dress. He took his hand in my hand and gave me a crumpled $20 bill. I wanted to kill him.

That sick bastard just came all over me and man handled me. I grabbed my friend Fuma, who happened to be the bouncer and told him what he had done. He walked over to the guy and motioned to him. Fuma grabbed him by the shirt and told him to pay me more and then told him not to ever come back into the club. The S.B. said he didn’t have anymore money, so Fuma took his wallet and emptied the rest of the $60 and told him that he would have to pay for my outfit and that should just about cover it. The S.B. walked out of the club and I never saw him again.

At the end of the night when we were tipping out, I gave Fuma that $60. He earned far more than I ever did. I never danced for guys in running shorts again and I learned my lesson fast.

Movin’ on up

I had a thousand dollars from that first week so I was ready to move out. Really though a thousand dollars isn’t a lot of money when looking for an apartment and I was unsure of what my yielding potential would be. I picked one of the cheapest areas I could find and went from there. The place was in an area not known for its safe beautifully manicured neighborhoods in which I was accustomed but just the opposite. I settled on a community because just as chance would have it I knew the manager at the apartments. Renee used to babysit me when I was a toddler and knowing her guaranteed me a place to live without having rental history or credit.

The rent was $430 plus and additional monthly fee of $15 to have a washer and dryer. After leaving a $400 deposit I was almost back to square one. I packed my red Honda CRX full of all of my clothes and headed to my new apartment. After running back and forth like that I borrowed my dad’s pick up truck and took apart my bed and packed the rest. By the time he got home that night I had moved everything out of my bedroom without his knowledge. I didn’t even have a phone for my Dad to call me on and we didn’t speak for over a week before I had the courage to call. Of course he asked how I could afford it and I told him that I was working more hours and rent was cheap.

What he didn’t know was where I lived and I didn’t really want him to know. My neighbor to the left of me was pregnant and her boyfriend beat her nightly. I would lie in bed in my empty apartment and listen to him scream at her and things banging against the wall and to me it sounded like she was the thing being banged around. I would see Holly the next day and she wouldn’t say anything but a slight nod. Eric on the other hand was very verbal and in fact the fucker used to flirt with me. He knew I came home late and left with a bag full of costumes and put things together and pretty much figured I was doing something illicit. Pat the neighbor above me was really nice but constantly high. He had a two long pinky nails and was constantly rubbing his nose. He was really an oversized teddy bear and always looked out for me. When he would come home in the afternoons he would stop by and check up on me. He had an appetite for porn movies, cocaine and exotic magazines and was the first person to show me Carmen Electra. I thought ‘wow she is beautiful’ maybe what I am doing isn’t so dirty.

My apartment was full of Goodwill finds. I had money from stripping but I was a bit afraid to spend it. I thought if I had decent furniture or newly bought clothes it would stand out to my family and they would become suspicious.

To celebrate my new digs I headed off to Sugars. I really felt more confident and sexy then I have had after all I didn’t have to sneak around anymore I could come and go as I like without the explanations. My dances got sexier too. I started experimenting with my dances and in particular this move in which I bend down placing my head right below the guys balls and put my hands on either side of his legs on the floor and then did a head stand flipping my legs up in the air sprawling them out so his face is right in my pussy. I had to try this out a few times before I got it right because I didn’t want to kick anyone in the face when I flipped over. I also mastered the art of hiding things when I flipped all my hair over to the side and I leaned over the guys shoulder I could slip my bra down just a bit so they could have a peek a boo view of my naked tits.

I also experimented with my “hair cut” not the hair on top of my head but my pussy hair. At first I started out with the standard “landing strip” but felt like most of the girls had that and I need to stand apart so I opted for the “5 o’clock shadow” which is like a “landing strip” but a really close shave so the hair is almost shaved off and there is nothing to the imagination. There were definite pros and cons with this, the pro is that it was more risqué but the con was that you had to maintain it every day or the “shadow” would become a beard and it would be very itchy.

I did confide in my older sister Kathy and told her that I had started working as a stripper. I didn’t realize at the time that she would end up backstabbing me and further break apart my already crumbling relationship with my parents.

Would you like a dance?

My first dance was like a junior high school student was giving it. I was so nervous. My manager Bonnie not to touch them or I could get fined for prostitution. How was I supposed to do this then? Looking around I saw all the other girls grinding away, shoving their tits in either the guys face or mouth and decided ‘f*ck her’. The minute my ass slid against his penis she waltzed over and gave me the ‘get off him’ look. Damn, I was caught. So the rest of the dance was three feet away like the law says and needless to say he didn’t want another dance. Really there are a ton of things you can’t do when stripping. You are not allowed to touch the customer, or touch yourself in a sexual way on stage. Is that even possible? How are you supposed to make money? Basically the law tries to inhibit you from making money so if the police come into a club most girls will get tickets of prostitution. You are also not allowed to take anything off when doing a lap dance but are allowed to be completely naked on stage. If you don’t completely disrobe the owners frown on it and you could find yourself out of a job.

Taking a cue from the other girls and watching them I noticed the only way to make money was through contact. Those other dancers were good, they made the dance look sensual and erotic all the while having the guys absolute attention. They draped their hair over body parts and hovered around them like a shield from any outside onlookers and to cover up the things they weren’t supposed to being doing. They made a dance in the center of the room seem like it was just the two of them. Now admittedly some of the girls were not so good they acted like the guy bored them and that the dance was a favor for guy. I knew I did not want to act like that.

I found another guy sitting in the corner and asked him for a dance away from Bonnie’s prying eyes. In the corner I leaned over and whispered “would you like a dance?” We agreed on the $20 price and I wanted to make this 210 seconds count. I slid up and down him like the pole my thighs rubbing his penis. I knew he was getting turned on because he was getting harder and harder. I leaned into him whilst breathing lightly in his ear so that he could have full view of my pushed up D’s as my nipples almost peeked out of their hiding place. I lifted my leg onto the top of the chair and flexed my legs so that he could see the entire length of my leg whilst running my hands down the inside of my thigh. I could feel him getting wet through his pants so I backed off a little still giving him a good dance without so much contact and when the dance was through he asked for another one.

I certainly wasn’t the dirtiest of dancers that night; believe me I saw much worse. There are different casts of dancers the ‘girl next door’ which thank God I fell into, the ‘alternative girl’ who has more piercings and tattoos and usually extremely smart, the ‘gangsta girl’ who is usually white sometimes black and always has a black boyfriend and tries to act like she grew up in Compton, the ‘rocker chic’ who acts likes and looks like she was raised in the 80’s mostly wears a g-string type of bikini and plays ‘cherry pie’ on stage and then finally there is the ‘old rocker chic’ who has been stripping for more than 10 years and has had her tits in a bra for about 10 hours of her entire 10 years of stripping. Her boobs are sad and droopy, unless she has had a boob job and then they are usually still sad and droopy with a ball at the end. Also the girls who have done it for a long time are jaded they will do anything for $20 and if that means sliding their panties to the side so the guy can shove his fingers into her then they will do it. Let’s face it the majority of the guys coming in like the “virgin” dancer. The girl who looks like the girl next door who isn’t jaded and doesn’t know better with boobs that still have bounce. Unless they are hard core regulars then they always like the ‘old rocker chic” because they will get more for their money.

Three hundred and fifty dollars later I left the club. I couldn’t believe that I just had made an entire week worth of working as a nanny and lifeguard in one short night. I decided to come back the next night and see how it went. What I didn’t expect was that school the next morning was going to come too soon and my Algebra Trig 8:00 am class was going to have to wait. I did however just barely slid into my 9:00 am English class but everything the teacher taught felt like it was in a different language. I am not sure if it was the smoke still clouding my brain from last night or the fact that I didn’t get home until well into 3:00 am but this was harder than I expected and things were going to have to change. I left school shortly after 11:00 am and went to go pick up my little man, Aaron. He had just turned three and my job was to get him home, put him to bed for a nap, pick up the house, start dinner and then play with him for the rest of the afternoon until his parents got home around 6:30pm.

I felt like they could see right through me that first day. Aaron’s dad asked me if I was feeling alright and I responded a bit too quickly ‘yeah’. I think he could tell something was going on and that I might have lost my innocence about me or my conscience was getting to me. I realized I probably couldn’t keep up with both and I would have to decide between being a nanny and being a stripper.