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Freaky Friday…

The first Friday night I ever worked I was lucky enough to have Mandy there. We spoke on the phone before we arrived. For me my nerves were worse than the first time dancing and I can only contribute it to the crowd. I had heard from Kylie that Friday nights and Saturday nights were the biggest money makers. I wanted to do well. I couldn’t even eat that entire day. Mandy was equally as nervous so we had planned on meeting exactly at 8:00 in the parking lot so we could walk in together. The club wasn’t that busy yet but the locker room was packed. Girls I hadn’t seen during the week were there, I guess they only work the weekends. We were lucky to find a locker and got dressed.

Mandy wore a blue bikini with the same shoes I had and I wore my corset, garters and white thigh highs. I had my hair twisted up with curls falling down the sides of my face. There was a girl in the back the kind of reminded me of Kylie but a blonde version. Maybe it’s because she was older. Her name was Desiree and I later found out how wrong I was to ever compare her to Kylie. Desiree was very skinny and had large fake boobs and one of those fake hair toppers (you know the kind that looks like you have more hair than you do). I later found out from her that she was married with children and her husband was in construction but had recently had a back injury and was out of a job. At first I found her a bit noble to be working really hard to keep her family afloat but with Desiree everything about her was fake including the spiel she was spewing. What she didn’t want you to know was that she was a major coke whore and would prostitute herself out for the smallest gram but more on her later.

I worked the crowd that night with my stage performances and the free dance section of the night. Three times a night to get the crowd going and as kind of an advertisement for you the D.J shouts out free dances. You get a 1 minute blurb of a song to dance for a guy. Hopefully he likes it and actually will buy a dance but many times people will just come in for the free dance and not buy one single dance. If those guys come in frequently enough they are known and girls will talk about them and they won’t get any dances. I have seen girls who will step up to these guys thinking they are going to get a free dance and when the music starts not even move, just stand there. The guys get the point after a few times a start shelling out some money. Since it was my first Friday night and I was a newcomer I did really well. That was the night I met Eric.

Eric was in with 10-15 guys and at first I didn’t want to dance for him because I was intimidated to dance with all those guys watching. Once I got off stage he called over for me to give his friends a dance. I got over my nerves and did the dance and he bought the rest of the guys a dance. I asked him if he would like a dance but he said no. He asked me if he could just pay me to sit and talk with him. Really? I sat and he told me he was a stock broker for a major firm and these were his clients and he brings clients in frequently. Eric reminds me of George Kastanza, in fact he looks just like him. When the song ended he grabbed my leg and told me to “go make some money kid”.

What Eric had done for me that I didn’t realize it at the time was to get all the other customers intrigued. They all thought I must have given amazing dances to be kept that busy so they all wanted a dance. I even had guys coming up to me while I was dancing for one guy to ask in the middle of dance to come see him after I was done. What that did was make the guy I was originally dancing for spend the rest of his money on me. Once I finally finished dancing for all the guys that night I left with $925. That was huge money!

A Private Affair

The receptionist at Tubs was not the least bit shocked as I walked through the door with a guy who was at least 15 years my senior and was obviously not my boyfriend. She asked for our license and asked how many hours we would like the room. Oh my god am I really doing this? I realized just how seedy this was renting a hot tub room by the hour, gross! So here we were walking into this room with vinyl covered furniture, it must be for easy cleaning and a room that smelled more like chlorine than my chemical room in the lifeguard shack which was obviously trying to kill anything living.

Bob brought some champagne, which was such a mistake because as soon as he opened the bottle I downed two glasses straight away. Let this be known that I am a two drink maximum person; I only weigh 115lb so two drinks sends me soaring. The champagne definitely took the edge off straight away and my defenses were down. I had never done a private dance so I wasn’t really sure how I should start. He wanted to know if I wanted to go into the hot tub in the room so I said sure. We sat in there for a few minutes and then I thought about all the nasty stuff people do in this hot tub so I got out dried off, slipped on a pair of dry panties and started dancing.

Now, Bonnie was nowhere in sight and I wasn’t protected from his wandering hands and face. The thing was I really didn’t care all that much, I was buzzing and the heat from the hot tub made the buzz even more intense and nothing mattered at that point. The vinyl bench was really hard to dance on because it was the height of a bed so I climbed on top of the bench and danced hovering over him. This was a horrible position because my pussy was right in his face. He started to pull me into him and I didn’t really know how far I should let him go because again I didn’t really care. He started to kiss my inner thigh and I actually kind of liked it. I was so into the music and what I was doing I forgot who I was dancing for. He was trying to slip my panties off. Here I was topless standing over Bob who was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. When I looked down and realized what I was really doing I decided I need to make a change. I pushed him down on the bench and crawled over him rubbing my breasts up and down his chest playfully lifting his t-shirt putting my hands on his bare chest, lightly blowing on his stomach. Once I got down to his dick I slid off the bench and pulled him to the edge of the bench and started rubbing against him with my tits instead of my ass. I breathed heavily in his ears whispering if he liked my tits and I leaned into him whilst in between his thighs letting him run his hands over my nipples.

He was getting harder and harder and I didn’t want him to cum all over me so  after I few  songs right before he was about to burst I asked him if there was anything particular he wanted to do.  I was surprised he didn’t ask for sex but instead he pulled out a Polaroid camera and asked if he could take naked pictures of me. See the smart girl would have said no but the drunken girl said how would you like me to pose? I grabbed the towel and wrapped it around me staring seductively at the camera and then I arched my back and let go of the towel. He took 4 or 5 pictures and I only let him keep 2. I still have some of those pictures and if you know me you would laugh because I was the girl in High School that didn’t have a boyfriend and would never have been in a compromising position but instead here I was sprawled out naked with my legs spread trying to look sexy for this ‘Regular’.

Thank God that hour went by really fast and it was time to leave but as I drove home still buzzing and replaying the entire day I felt sick. Sick, not because I drank too much but sick because I felt like I was becoming who I didn’t want to be and I had lost even more of who I was just for money. I learned a lot that day and one thing was that I can not ever let my guard down and drink one on one and the second thing was that I needed to feel the power to actually be in control and say no. That Saturday Bob was in control not me.

My first “Regular”

Now for people who are unsure of what a regular is he is the guy who comes in just to see you and gets dances solely from you, he is your easy money. The thing with a regular is that you have to be equally loyal. If he is in the house then it is your duty to come over after he is seated and find out if he wants dances from you or if he is fine with you working the room. Once you have determined that you can work the room then your dances should never resemble a dance he gets from you and it shouldn’t be as ‘special’. Otherwise, you could be dropped and he could find another girl to lavish his money and presents on. The great thing about a regular is this, if it is a slow night you can call him and he will come in and get dances and you can expect a good night. You should always treat a regular very well and let him believe that he is the only one, but there is a thin line don’t let him ever believe you are completely available or he could turn from a regular into a stalker. Now that we have that out of the way let me tell you about Bob.

Bob worked for the Port of Seattle and he was about 6’1 and 350lb of fat not muscle. I am pretty sure he lived at home with his mom, so that gives you a bit of background about him. He came in quite frequently to Sugars before he became my ‘regular’ and he had a few dances from me, but one night it was pretty slow and I had just finished dancing a set for him and I was tired so I sat down beside him. Once I did that he started asking me all of the typical questions like ‘why do you do this’ and ‘what made you start’ and ‘do you have a boyfriend’. I decided to use my mentor Kylie’s technique of asking questions and pretending that you were really interested in them not so much yourself. Once I did this and a few minutes went by I was up dancing again for him. My first true night of dancing for him yielded me $500 which is a lot of money for Seattle. Before the night ended he asked me when I worked next and I told him if he would give me his number I would gladly call him before I came into work (this was before caller ID).

Once Bob and I had laid the ground work he started bringing me gifts. I am pretty sure these gifts were stolen off of the freights from the incoming containers because they were the most random gifts. I received a windbreaker running outfit that was kind of my size, suitcases and knives. I really didn’t want any of them but at the same time I didn’t want to offend the gift giver. I never ended up using any of the things Bob had given to me and I ended up giving them to the Goodwill. Other gifts included money which was far more useful; he wanted to help fund my trip to Hawaii with my best friend Mandy who had worked at Sugars with me. Other times he brought in roses which all the other strippers were eternally jealous. That is the funny thing with flowers no matter who gives them to you it really makes other women jealous.

At least twice a week Bob would come in and give me anywhere from $350-$500 per time but as regulars go he wanted to take it to the next level. He asked me to give him a private dance. I was pretty unsure what that entails but Kylie assured me if given in a safe environment it could be a great way to make a few days worth of work in 1 hour. I asked her if he would expect sex and she said to make it clear to him that I wasn’t a prostitute and I wouldn’t be doing anything sexual. I didn’t want to do the private dance but Kylie really made sense. So I told Bob some outlandish price thinking he would say no but instead Bob agreed on the $1000 price tag for 1 hour at Tubs by the University of Washington. To be continued…