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Reply on Frat questions…

I made some comments on some of your questions and this one was a bit big to go in the comment section of my blog.

talkstr8 wrote:

you lived in a fraternity? there has to be some stories there

There is not too many juicy stories about when I lived in the Fraternity because up until that point in my life I had only had sex with one person who I dated from the 9th grade until I graduated so I was still a good girl then….

I did live in the fraternity but not when I was stripping. I live there after I graduated high school during my summer break. Fraternities subsidize rush by allowing a few “good looking” girls to live in during the summer. Not only does this help their yearly budget but it also shows the guys rushing the house that this frat can get hot girls. It’s in their best interest to be really picky and choosy. This particular fraternity had a huge list of girls that tried to rush during the summer but they only wanted the “fab 15”. It was actually really amazing to live in a house with a ton of really hot guys and only 15 girls as competition.

The girls had their “floor” and had our own bathroom, which was the only way I would have lived with those boys. Frat boys are disgustingly messy and sharing a bathroom would have been a deal breaker for me. We partied every night and most times I would end up making out with a guy and stumbling back to my room to pass out. My roommate Christine was another story. OMG, this girl needed help.

Christine was my friend, we used to lifeguard together back in high school and I didn’t want to room with anyone I didn’t know so I convinced the rush chair to let her in. She had already tried on her own and got rejected, so she came back with me and we begged him to let her in or I would have to go to a different house to live for the summer. He was so sweet and let her in. Smart move because we are fun girls or at least I was!

The first night it was really pretty tame as we were all getting to know each other in the house. Most of the fab 15 had boyfriends that were already in the house so it was great for those girls because not only could they keep an eye on their guys all summer but they could hook up and not have to do the walk of shame. Anyway, that night we had a roof party and Christine met “dirt”. Ryan’s nickname was dirt because that is the way he treated girls like after he fucked them. He was actually the sweetest guy, unless you fucked him. Christine started flirting with Dirt and he was totally all over it. After too many drinks I decided to go back to bed and leave Christine and Dirt to do whatever they were going to do.

The next morning Christine slipped into bed and I leaned down over my top bunk and asked her if she slept with Dirt. She was head over heels telling me he is not your typical guy, I can change him..yada,yada,yada. We had been warned about him when we moved in and she goes and fucks him on the first night. Okay it totally went down hill from there.

The next day Dirt wouldn’t even talk to her let alone look at her. Everyone in the house knew what she did and since she wasn’t hand selected the guys were less than nice to her calling her Slutstine. She really lost her mind. She cut off all of her hair and bleached it platinum blond and did some stupid spice diet and went completely nuts. She stocked him at night walking the halls naked and banging on his door when he was in the room other girls. She did this night after night. It was completely embarrassing.

Meanwhile I partied with guys but it was getting harder and harder to be her roommate. They guys and I would have fun but after awhile I couldn’t watch her spiral down anymore so I started staying as far away from the house as possible. I met another girl in the house and we started going clubbing. We met these guys who owned Rckcandy and got into their clubs every night. It was great we met a ton of bands like Presidents of the United States of America, Candlebox and Pearl Jam just to name a few. Matt and Damon owned the club and Nicole and I were totally lucky to date them. Not only did we get in the club for free and never wait in one line but we got to meet a ton of bands. It was the best time. Matt had an amazing condo in Seattle that overlooked all of downtown. At first I was timid to be with him because he was so much older than me and he went to school with my older brother! They used to play football together in high school. I also didn’t want to sleep with him too fast because I didn’t want to become Christine and he my “dirt”. That didn’t happen. We dated that entire summer.

Fall came and I had to buckle down at school so I had to break off my relationship with Rckcandy and Matt. That’s when everything started.


Bachelor Party

By this time Kylie had really taken me under her wing and I really trusted her. She was great and I was in awe of her. She never really worked all that much but she always had a ton of money and had all these side jobs. I had told her that private dances weren’t for me because I thought I might be a little too new to get into that at this point in my career. She suggested that I work with her a bit to really get to know the routine of a private dance and how to do one properly. She had already promised to perform at a bachelor party at a University of Washington fraternity. I was really hesitant to do a bachelor party especially at the UW. I had lived in a fraternity during the summer I graduated high school. So not only did I know a bunch of guys from there but I also knew how out of control frat guys can get given a bit of alcohol and naked women.

We went in the back alley of the Sigma Epsilon house and went into a room I hadn’t seen before. I have been to this house plenty of times during the summer for parties and I had never been in this part of the house before. I was a little nervous because once you are in these house you lose a sense of protection. Fraternity brothers stick together and if they wanted to rape you they could and no one who speak a word of it. I didn’t feel like Kylie had any clue of how frat boys could be or maybe she did but wasn’t worried. Once we were in the house we were lead into a room to change and then I almost died when I saw what Kylie had planned for us to wear. She had two black paten leather dominatrix costumes for us to wear fully with whips and hand cuffs. She told me that she would be the leader and I would be chained up to her and she would lead me in the room once in the room she would have me dance for her and then she would push me on the ground and dance for me. Once we had killed time with our show she would ‘release’ me from my bonds and I would work the room while she worked the ‘bachelor’. Holy shit what was I in for?

I will try to describe the outfit I wore but it is very difficult because this is not a costume I ever wore again. It is a one piece black paten leather with a thong bottom and a T strapless front. The T just barely covered my nipples and I had a two piece chain choker necklace with a lead attached. Kylie handed me a whip and two pair of handcuffs which she attached to a chain belt that hung just on my hips. This was a far cry from the Victoria Secret look I was going for. She took another chain out of her bag and attached it to my neck as her lead and asked me if I was ready. There was no way I could go back.

We walked out and she was leading the way with me keeping up behind her so I didn’t get choked. The guys were on their feet clapping and whistling, they acted like dogs in heat. I realized that this could either be extremely dangerous or we could just get really lucky and leave in one piece. Kylie instructed for a chair to be placed in the center of the room and she sat down like nobility. She took her whip and ran it over my tits and down my stomach and stuck the handle in between my legs. She pulled on my chain and demanded me to turn her on and dance for her. I just went for it. I started dancing as seductively as I could; pushing her head back and running my tongue down her stomach. The guys were going crazy. She grabbed my chain harder and told me she was in charge and she would tell me what to do. She instructed me to pull my breasts out so she could fondle them. She told me to turn around and bend over so she could lightly whip my ass. She asked me if I liked that and then she pushed me down on the ground and straddled me and pushed her huge fake DDD tits onto mine and slide down my stomach stopping at my bikini kissing my stomach, licking my belly button and with her teeth grabbed my bikini bottoms and slid them off. She then grabbed my legs and splayed them into a V showing all the guys my pussy. She kissed up my legs toward my pussy and then when she got to my pussy she flipped me over and got me on my hands and knees and starting simulating doggie style. I couldn’t believe that I was completely naked in a room full of horny drunk fraternity boys. Fuck!

She left on my chains and the leash and pulled me onto the chair so she could finish the dance with me in the chair. She slithered all over me handing me my whips so I could whip her. I lightly whipped her and she ordered me to do it harder. The whip left a welt on her ass. The guys were really getting into it so I stood up and grabbed the bachelor and pulled him onto the chair and handcuffed him to the chair. Kylie and I both started dancing for him but before the song ended I pulled her to me and aggressively took off her clothes so we both naked. I took the left side and she the right and we started teasing him pushing my tits right in his face and then pulling back just as he tried to lick me. He had only one hand handcuffed to the chair so Kylie took her other pair of handcuffs and handcuffed the other hand to the chair. He was completely restrained. I started to unbutton his pants. At this point all the guys were absolutely going crazy telling the bachelor to enjoy it because soon he wouldn’t have this. Once he was in his boxers we both started grinding on him. Kylie was on his lap with her back leaning against his chest and I was hovering over them dancing for both of them. Now Kylie was the one to do the licking. She started licking my neck seductively. I pushed her head back and straddled her legs. I leaned back on both of them with my tits in her face. Kylie then slid over so that both of us were in his lap. He was getting really hard and his dick was popping out of his boxers so I left Kylie to finish the dance. After all I had a room a bunch of horny guys that were in a need of a dance.

I asked the boys who was the “nicest” and who was the ‘naughtiest” the guys pointed to one guy who was the “nicest” and I told them I was about to convert him to the “naughtiest”. I straddled the guy completely naked and instantly I felt him go hard. I let his friends know that at least he had the equipment to be naughty. I started grinding on him with my ass and stood up and turned around and my tits were right in his face I grabbed his hands and placed them on my tits. He was getting really excited. I slid down his chest and my tits rested right on his dick and I leaned over where my face was right at his dick and breathed hot air right on him. I asked him if he was turned on which obviously, from the huge hard on, he was but I wanted him to really get into it. I straddled him one more time and bent my head back supporting myself on my hands and wrapped my legs around his head. All the guys loved my stripper gymnastics, coming closer to the dance. I flipped over and finished the dance with my tits in his lap. After the dance ended and I looked down and saw a wet spot on his khakis. I grabbed his face and kissed him on the cheek. The next dance was much tamer and I didn’t let the guys put their hands all over me but I did ask for the naughtiest next.

Once I had the naughtiest I took off my chain necklace and put on him. I lead him over into the corner. All the guys were excited to see what I would do to him. I pulled off his shirt and his pants so he was just in his boxers and I lightly whipped him and pushed him down onto the ground. I crawled over him teasing him as I went down starting in the 69 position with my pussy right above his face. I bit his pants a few times and then turned around and worked my way down. I lightly bit his nipples as my nipples ever so slightly touched him. I blew hot air on his stomach lightly stroking his stomach with my hands and once I got to his dick I sat him up and put him in a chair and continued the dance. I took my whip and ran it up and down his chest and lightly whipped his chest. I grabbed the back of his hair and pulled his head back and climbed on his lap whispering in his ears. I asked him how naughty he really was. He was completely embarrassed. A few of the guys had surrounded him and were egging him on. The dance ended and I winked at him and said he wasn’t naughty enough.

When we left I asked Kylie how much she charged them and she told me $500 for the hour and we left with $250 each. I am not sure if it was worth $250 for an hour of being completely naked in front of a bunch of frat guys and especially wearing dominatrix stuff being lead around by a leash but it beat working at Sugar’s for the entire night.

Talent’s West

Talent’s West is the unsuspecting corporation for Sugar’s, Rick’s and Honey’s. The owner Frank Sr. was arrested for racketeering and then he and his son Frank Jr. were arrested for tax fraud and were in prison while their right hand man Bobby ran the clubs. When I came to Talent’s West Frank Jr. had just been released, this was to my favor because Frank Jr. was a married man and actually just owned the clubs and never meddled in the girls’ business. Apparently when Frank Sr. ran the clubs, girls were basically given the opportunity to sleep with him or loose their jobs. In fact I have met girls that have left these clubs and gone to Vegas or other clubs in Seattle to get away from his lecherous hands.

One of the girls came over to Déjà Vu when I worked back in Seattle after Vegas; her name was Texas. I asked her if she was from Texas and she said no. I hate it when girls make up names just to make them up. The funny thing is I knew her, but I don’t think she recognized me. My boyfriend was a gang intervention counselor for Everett Community Center and he worked for this guy Mark who was married with two kids and was sleeping with this stripper. I knew of her because I often when up to Everett to see my boyfriend and there she was coming out of Mark’s office. So the funny thing is she was working at Rick’s when Frank Sr. was released and he basically knew her for the whore she was and propositioned her. Apparently she just tried to laugh him off and since he is old and didn’t like to be laughed off he just took advantage of the fact she worked at his club and felt her up. She quit and filed a lawsuit against him. It’s laughable. She is a stripper working in an industry where guys feel her up all the time and she is offended that this old pervert felt her up. The only difference was that she didn’t get $20 for it. She deserved it! She was sleeping around with a married man with kids, which to me is the ultimate low.

When I met Frank Jr. after being interviewed by Bobby he sat behind this huge desk and he asked me for my last name. When I told him what it was he nodded his head and told me I was always welcome to dance at anyone of his clubs. I never had any problems with Frank or Frank Jr. I had often heard of them being affiliated with the mafia and I never saw it and I had been around them a lot and even to Frank Sr. house. He had the most amazing house it’s located about 5 miles from where I grew up and it’s right on the lake. It’s like stepping back into the 1970’s totally preserved even its furniture is very cool retro. The best part of his house is the swimming pool. The swimming pool sits on the main floor but when you walk into the basement there is a great big bar and large windows looking right into the swimming pool like an aquarium. I asked Bobby ‘why the windows’ he said so Frank can see everything just in case the girls want to get naked. He’s just a typical dirty old man.

I was reading the paper today and ran across this article which was interesting and I just had to give my input…

Just another Tuesday night

So I had successfully made it through two nights flying under the radar until Tuesday. Let this be said about strippers they are very territorial probably, more so than a Lioness. I picked Sugars for two reasons I wouldn’t have a huge amount of competition because let’s face it most of the strippers there had been there for ages, I would be ‘ fresh meat’ and two because it was further away from my hometown.

I walked into the locker room on Tuesday night with all eyes and heads turned towards me. I am only 20 years old in college and have lived at home until recently. I was raised in a relatively normal environment compared to some of these women and I don’t do well when in a volatile spaces.

“Gabrielle you have been making a lot of money lately” said the Godfather of the locker room. No matter where you are in the world there is always and I mean always someone who runs the back rooms. ‘Passion’ was a self proclaimed ‘Dyke’ and she was huge. I have no idea how she even made money other than she was a nasty dancer. She was waiting for a response from me if I had said ‘yeah more than I ever expected’ I could get hurt but if I responded like ‘no I haven’t done as well’ they would know I was lying. My response was this ‘well I have done alright but I still have a lot to learn and that is why I watch you ladies for tips’. Partly that was true I did watch them to see what they did and how the danced because they just seemed to float and dance so easily but also I gave them a compliment so how could they kill me for that right? Well I couldn’t really think that these women were going to act rational as they smoke pot right in front of everyone and drank openly which were banned, but they did it anyway. They gave me a pass for awhile and I thanked my lucky stars. I made the conscious effort to never go back into the locker room except to get dressed as quickly as possible and to pee.

That same lucky night I met someone who would be instrumental in my success, her name was Kylie. Let me tell you about Kylie, she is statuesque and naturally draws you to her with her presence. She is probably the only person I have ever met who has that much presence yet is kind, loving and very smart. She has the ability to turn anything around in her favor. She can work a guy over and have him not even catch on and leave with everything he near enough owns. She is the ultimate classy stripper and really was way too good for Seattle.

I sat on the back bench because it was a painfully slow night and after having that run in the ‘Godfather’ and her thugs I didn’t want to stand out too much. Kylie had just walked in and sat down to survey the room. “Shit, huh” she asked. “Yeah, pretty much. It has been like this all night.” I replied wondering why this woman was talking to me. She had explained that she was forced to come and work over here because she had gotten a ‘ticket’ at Ricks. A ticket of prostitution means that you are not allowed to work within the same establishment for either a matter of time or if you are found guilty you can’t work there ever again. The good thing is that Ricks, Sugars and Honey’s are all owned by the same sleaze bag and he can just bounce you from club to club. Kylie and I became fast friends.  How lucky I was that she took me on because Kylie is the exception to my stripper cast systems. She had been dancing for a while but you would never notice because Kylie takes amazingly good care of herself and likes to be the player never to be played. She doesn’t get wrapped up in hanging out in the locker rooms and doesn’t take on too many friends, she knows this is a business and wants to live comfortably from it. Teach away, teach away…

Would you like a dance?

My first dance was like a junior high school student was giving it. I was so nervous. My manager Bonnie not to touch them or I could get fined for prostitution. How was I supposed to do this then? Looking around I saw all the other girls grinding away, shoving their tits in either the guys face or mouth and decided ‘f*ck her’. The minute my ass slid against his penis she waltzed over and gave me the ‘get off him’ look. Damn, I was caught. So the rest of the dance was three feet away like the law says and needless to say he didn’t want another dance. Really there are a ton of things you can’t do when stripping. You are not allowed to touch the customer, or touch yourself in a sexual way on stage. Is that even possible? How are you supposed to make money? Basically the law tries to inhibit you from making money so if the police come into a club most girls will get tickets of prostitution. You are also not allowed to take anything off when doing a lap dance but are allowed to be completely naked on stage. If you don’t completely disrobe the owners frown on it and you could find yourself out of a job.

Taking a cue from the other girls and watching them I noticed the only way to make money was through contact. Those other dancers were good, they made the dance look sensual and erotic all the while having the guys absolute attention. They draped their hair over body parts and hovered around them like a shield from any outside onlookers and to cover up the things they weren’t supposed to being doing. They made a dance in the center of the room seem like it was just the two of them. Now admittedly some of the girls were not so good they acted like the guy bored them and that the dance was a favor for guy. I knew I did not want to act like that.

I found another guy sitting in the corner and asked him for a dance away from Bonnie’s prying eyes. In the corner I leaned over and whispered “would you like a dance?” We agreed on the $20 price and I wanted to make this 210 seconds count. I slid up and down him like the pole my thighs rubbing his penis. I knew he was getting turned on because he was getting harder and harder. I leaned into him whilst breathing lightly in his ear so that he could have full view of my pushed up D’s as my nipples almost peeked out of their hiding place. I lifted my leg onto the top of the chair and flexed my legs so that he could see the entire length of my leg whilst running my hands down the inside of my thigh. I could feel him getting wet through his pants so I backed off a little still giving him a good dance without so much contact and when the dance was through he asked for another one.

I certainly wasn’t the dirtiest of dancers that night; believe me I saw much worse. There are different casts of dancers the ‘girl next door’ which thank God I fell into, the ‘alternative girl’ who has more piercings and tattoos and usually extremely smart, the ‘gangsta girl’ who is usually white sometimes black and always has a black boyfriend and tries to act like she grew up in Compton, the ‘rocker chic’ who acts likes and looks like she was raised in the 80’s mostly wears a g-string type of bikini and plays ‘cherry pie’ on stage and then finally there is the ‘old rocker chic’ who has been stripping for more than 10 years and has had her tits in a bra for about 10 hours of her entire 10 years of stripping. Her boobs are sad and droopy, unless she has had a boob job and then they are usually still sad and droopy with a ball at the end. Also the girls who have done it for a long time are jaded they will do anything for $20 and if that means sliding their panties to the side so the guy can shove his fingers into her then they will do it. Let’s face it the majority of the guys coming in like the “virgin” dancer. The girl who looks like the girl next door who isn’t jaded and doesn’t know better with boobs that still have bounce. Unless they are hard core regulars then they always like the ‘old rocker chic” because they will get more for their money.

Three hundred and fifty dollars later I left the club. I couldn’t believe that I just had made an entire week worth of working as a nanny and lifeguard in one short night. I decided to come back the next night and see how it went. What I didn’t expect was that school the next morning was going to come too soon and my Algebra Trig 8:00 am class was going to have to wait. I did however just barely slid into my 9:00 am English class but everything the teacher taught felt like it was in a different language. I am not sure if it was the smoke still clouding my brain from last night or the fact that I didn’t get home until well into 3:00 am but this was harder than I expected and things were going to have to change. I left school shortly after 11:00 am and went to go pick up my little man, Aaron. He had just turned three and my job was to get him home, put him to bed for a nap, pick up the house, start dinner and then play with him for the rest of the afternoon until his parents got home around 6:30pm.

I felt like they could see right through me that first day. Aaron’s dad asked me if I was feeling alright and I responded a bit too quickly ‘yeah’. I think he could tell something was going on and that I might have lost my innocence about me or my conscience was getting to me. I realized I probably couldn’t keep up with both and I would have to decide between being a nanny and being a stripper.

First Time

I can still remember the first time I stepped onto the stage, butterflies couldn’t even describe the fear I felt. I was about to take my clothes off for the very first time in front of anyone. Now, don’t get me wrong I had sex before my first appearance on stage and of course taken my clothes off but it was always in the dark and some item of clothing was left on so this was the first time to get completely naked and in a room with 30 or more men. With my new V.S. negligee and stripper shoes I wasn’t sure what was more daunting breaking my neck or undressing.

“Let’s welcome Gabrielle for her first time ever to the stage,” our D.J barked out loudly over the music. Now all eyes were definitely on me! I kept telling myself do not look at anyone, don’t fall and don’t stop dancing. I can do this it’s only 210 seconds!!! 210 seconds is three in a half minutes which is what all stripper songs are cut to. I had all these worries running through my head as I grabbed the pole and wrapped my legs around it seductively and twisted around. I backed up to the mirror and leaned against it teasing the audience lifting my dress up then I realized when should I start undressing? If I did it too soon, I would stand there naked for too long and loose all mystery but if I waited too late then I wouldn’t be able to completely undress and the guys would think I was a prude. I slid down the mirrored wall and crawled on my knees as my large breasts almost fell out of the pushed up bra they were in. During this time when I was starting to make contact with the audience my fear was what if I recognized anyone. As I slipped off my crushed red velvet V.S. negligee I caught someone’s eye. It was Sean M. who I had dated in High School. He was such a jackass always trying to go further than I ever wanted and when I broke things off with him he went around telling everyone I was a prude. After dating him in the 10th grade I swore off boys for the rest of my school years. This was so typical for me, anytime I wanted anonymity I always ran into some one I knew. At that moment while watching his eyes grow bigger and probably the small penis he had in his pants, I decided to embrace Gabrielle and to work it.

I swung my hair around the floor and twisted around on my back kicking my leg up to my head and holding it there. I teased the crowd running my fingers under the elastic in my panties pulling them up, down and then back up and finally I slipped my panties off and flipped them back over my head. Really there is no rhyme or reason why I took off my panties first other than I just didn’t want to be flat on my back when taking my bra. See, if you have real boobs like I do and you are on your back they tend to lay down and not look as perky. So I writhed on the floor as I ran my hands from the inside of my thighs to my breasts turning over to standing and did another swing around the pole before heading back to the wall to take my bra off. Taking my bra off was a huge balancing act because those shoes are a little like stilts and leaning back to unhook the clasp took a lot of effort not to fall. I have to say the trickiest part of the dance was taking my lacy black bra off whilst trying to look sexy. Once the bra was off I was getting whistles and grunts from the crowd. Now completely naked I went back to the pole and placed it between my breasts wrapping my leg around it like it was a huge dick that I was titty fucking. When the song ended there was a ton of whoops and hollers with huge applause. As I walked off the stage I said hello to Gabrielle and goodbye to Ellie.

Shopping on Credit

I wanted to start working straight away but I didn’t really have anything too sexy. I mean of course I had matching bras and panties but I really wanted to create an image. I wanted Gabrielle to look as though she had stepped out of a Victoria’s Secret catalogue. I wanted her to be classy and sexy but not trampy.

I had called Bobby and let him know that I had my license taken care of and then asked him a very important question ‘where do you get stripper shoes?’ He directed me to this strip mall in Lynwood that had the most selection. This was in the days before you could buy these types of things online ( which would have been far less embarrassing. I walked into the store and the clerks were definitely doing a double take because this store is all about things for strippers. They were sure I walked into the wrong store.

I think my olive tanned skin turned to magenta when I told the clerk I was looking for some shoes for work. She gave me the once over than asked me how high I wanted them and if I had ever walked in these types of shoes? I certainly had not, but I just found a pair that I thought were cute and asked for them in a size 7. I tried the shoes and near enough broke my ankle. They were 7 inches high resting on this tiny platform thing. I did a lap around the store breaking them in and placed my credit card down for the purchase. These were the most expensive shoes I ever had worn; $150 for slutty shoes!

Now that my shoes were picked I went off to find the right outfit. I walked into V.S. and bought everything I could find that would give me lift and would make me look sexy. I picked out two short negligees; one crushed velvet red and one satin black that clung just right with matching bras and panties. Then I picked out a red corset and matching panties with garters. I tried them on and even I was a bit impressed. My breasts were so full and my tanned stomach so smooth, this was the look I wanted. The clerk asked me how I would like to pay for this and I said ‘credit please’.

Gabrielle is born…

I started that night and it was the weekly waitress contest. The manager who was far nicer this time had suggested that since I was the prettiest waitress that I should try the contest. My competition was a girl who, bless her, had a prosthetic leg, a mustache and glasses and my other competition looked completely cracked out and was wearing granny panties; I didn’t have stiff competition. The prize was $100, I was in. I didn’t have anything to wear other than my purple lace bra and my purple lace thongs, good thing I had worn my nice underwear. I am pretty blessed in the breast department. In fact I got breasts over night, one day was a solid B and it seems like the next morning I woke up with D’s. I remember all the boys in the 9th grade wanted to feel them to make sure they weren’t fake. Like that was going to work.

I was told to pick out some music and I wasn’t sure what would be sexy enough so I picked a song I had loved to sing at the top of my lungs when I was 8 especially because it pissed my parents off, “darling nikki” by prince. I think I could have stood up there on stage dressed in a bhurka and won. I danced awkwardly on the stage. The main stage didn’t have a pole so I was really nervous as what I was to do. I spent a lot of the song with my face pushed up against the mirrored wall shaking my ass. What a novice! Thank God for the song did it for me. At the end I was $100 richer.

Later that night Bobby came in to see me and ask me how the night had gone and I told him I had won the contest and he told me to use that $100 towards an entertainer’s license because that was where I could make the most money. He didn’t really have to convince me because $100 was well over a days worth of work as a nanny. If I could dance at night in no time I would be out of my dad’s house.

The next day I skipped class and went down to Seattle to apply for an entertainer’s license. I had to pick a name that the license went under because you never want to use your own name. I had picked ‘Gabrielle’ since everyone automatically assumed it could be my name because I am Italian and Spanish. It was also my made up name in my high school Spanish class; easy for me to remember. So, Gabrielle was born.

How it all began…

I was 17 years old and my parents divorced after 23 years of marriage which of course left me spinning. One of the worst things was that my mom left my dad for a younger man and left me with the choice of living with her and dealing with him and his children or living with my alcoholic dad. Don’t get me wrong I love both of my parents but at the time I had to choose between the lesser of two evils. I chose my dad.

My dad lived in the house that he had built and my mom lived next door. The constantly used me as a pawn in their divorce especially my mom. During this time my half sister came to move in with me and my dad, I was actually excited because she had never lived with us. Kathy was ending her 5 year marriage to Jim and was on the rebound. So I had these two people who were on the rebound living under the same roof. They often went to bars together leaving me to fend for myself; I was 17 so it was fine. The thing with Kathy was that she was really into finding a ‘Sugar Daddy’ so she did all these crazy things like buy every book about landing a millionaire for a husband to calling psychics. I thought it all a bit strange but fun at the same time. Kathy had this notion that if she worked as a cocktail waitress at a strip club then she would surely find her ‘sugar daddy’ and he would sweep her off her feet and all her dreams would be answered. I was less sure but it sounded good and jumped on that bandwagon.

The first night at Rick’s as a waitress was a huge shock. Here I was this prude still in high school with a fake id because you have to be 18 to work there surrounded by topless girls and groping guys. I kept thinking ‘what the fuck did I get myself into?’ at the same time I wanted to act like it wasn’t a big thing so I could make some money. Kathy was eager and a bit excited. The world’s most bitchy manager explained the job sizing both of us up. She also let us know what she thought of suburban well to do kids and said she was expecting both of us to fail. She was right.

I went around wide eyed to my mistake. I saw men with running shorts on with no underwear slid to the side and women running their hands up and down their dicks. I saw triangle tops slid over so men could not only see but taste nipples. I saw plenty of women bouncing up and down on top of a guy’s finger. It was too much for me. I burst into tears after only 45 minutes of being on the job. I made $10 cashed a $1 into quarters and called my dad. He was really upset but happy that I had called and when I told Kathy what I did she said she was coming home too. I guess she had to or she would look bad because she didn’t really want to leave.

My dad made me promise that I would never do something like that again and I had no problem telling him I wouldn’t, it was disgusting. The only problem was that I couldn’t predict the future.

I had enrolled in college after graduation and I was already familiar with the campus since I did running start in high school. My home life wasn’t as predictable. My parents fought more and more with me being the person in the middle. My dad tried to hurt my mom with flaunting slutty women and my mom didn’t really care but cared all at the same time. During this time I was working as a nanny and lifeguarding on the weekends while going to school. It was pretty daunting but I was saving up to move out because my home life was getting more and more hostile.

The pinnacle came when my mom had wanted her dad’s pool table back. Since she moved out of the house she didn’t have a place to store the pool table and left it at my dad’s house. My dad just assumed that it would then be his. My mom finally had a place for the pool table at her boyfriend’s house. Obviously my dad was less than thrilled. My mom pleaded with me to talk my dad into giving the damn pool table back to my mom. I didn’t want to but I did. I had no idea that my dad would fly into such a rage. He pushed me into my room slamming the door and throwing me on the bed. He started screaming at me that I loved my mom more than him and how could I betray him after all he has ever done for me. I tried to explain the situation but it only made him more enraged. He started hitting me and picking me up by the shoulders throwing me up against the wall and back to the bed. My dad is 6’2 and 225lbs of solid muscle I am 5’6 and weigh 115lbs, he certainly had the advantage. He started screaming he was going to kill me and I really thought at that moment he would. The thing was I was obviously really scared but I looked into my dad’s eyes and felt such sorrow for him. His wife and family had been decimated because of a lot of things but everything he had built was crumbling. At that moment I stopped telling him why I had asked him for the pool table I just told him I am really sorry and I loved him. He stopped raging and fell to his knees sobbing. He just leaned his head on my bed and sobbed. I felt for him but I also felt a huge sense of self preservation and realized that I had to do whatever I could to get out and fast. I had no idea how or if I could survive another raging session.

I walked into the offices of Talents West and saw Bobby the guy who originally gave Kathy and me the job at Rick’s. I told him what had happened and that I needed a job that could yield enough money so I could get out of my dad’s house. He gave me another chance at Rick’s but told me I would have to have thicker skin.