Just for you guys…

Flag23 & Talkst8 you both wanted to know how I danced for those 15 guys and you wanted specifics so here you go…

Eric had given me a huge opportunity to make money and I didn’t want to blow it.  At first I was conflicted on how “good” the dance should be since I still had Bonnie our watch dog looking around and was in the middle of the club but I did have the benefit of having all the guys sheltering my dance.

The first dance was a bit tame since I was still getting in my groove.  Poor guy.

But since I was feeling even more sexy having all these guys want dances the next guys dance was not so tame and I leaned my ass onto his dick most of the dance and actually grabbed his hands and placed them on my inner thighs teasing him a bit.  He started to get a bit nervous and I actually had to hold his hands on my thighs since he was trying to pull them off.  I then turned around and told him to enjoy it.  I swung my leg over the back of the bench with my pussy right in his face and and then kneeled down sliding my leg down his chest.  Once on my knees, I rubbed my tits on his dick and then leaned my face in his lap and blew out hot breath.  Just as I was getting him really hard the song ended.

With the next guy I finished off where I started with the second guy.  I started on my knees with my head in his lap and then slowly ran my hands up his chest.  Once I was fully standing I leaned in and my tits were pushed really high up since I was wearing a corset, I whispered in his ear if I was turning him on and then slid part of my corset down so he could see all of my breast then leaned in even further giving him the opportunity to taste me.  He slid his tongue out of his mouth and licked up and down my nipple.  I nervously looked over his shoulder as I could see Bonnie start to walk over so I leaned down just a bit and pulled my corset back up.  She stood right behind him looking at me and so I backed way off and finished the dance.

Towards the end of dancing for all the guys the dances started getting more risque’.  The last dance I was sweating and worked up.  I started the dance on my feet and then grabbed his head in my hands and brought his head right into my cleavage.  I then pushed it back forcefully and turned around and slid my ass along his dick harder and harder then backed away.  Feeling he was hard I straddled his lap and pushed my pussy right into his dick with only my thong and his pants separating us.  I dry fucked him for awhile and then feeling a little too excited I slipped down to my knees and put his hard dick in between my tits, squeezed my tits together with my arms so he could feel me all around him and then reached down with one hand below my tits to lightly fondled  his balls through his pants.  He start thrusting forward and was just about to cum when the music stopped. Three minutes is just not long enough, but Eric had said he was only going to pay for one dance per guy.  Too bad because some of them were really hot and I could have really gotten into it.

All the guys were completely concentrating on each and every dance.  Mostly, they didn’t want to draw Bonnie’s attention so they sat back not saying much but watching intently.  I am sure all the guys were married and I bet they went home that night and  fucked the shit out of their wives because they were all worked up and ready to go.

*On a side note, if I am more than happy to elaborate about my dances but if you are “done with this blog” then that is your choice.  But if you bear with me we are just getting warmed up and the really good stuff starts in Vegas.*

5 thoughts on “Just for you guys…”

  1. Fuck yeah! Now you’re talking. Are you still dancing? I guess not because I read that Seattle clubs don’t get that kind of mileage any more.

  2. Wow this blew me away (i wish for real) you’ve got me hooked now. When do we hear about vegas or was this in vegas already?

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