Freaky Friday…

The first Friday night I ever worked I was lucky enough to have Mandy there. We spoke on the phone before we arrived. For me my nerves were worse than the first time dancing and I can only contribute it to the crowd. I had heard from Kylie that Friday nights and Saturday nights were the biggest money makers. I wanted to do well. I couldn’t even eat that entire day. Mandy was equally as nervous so we had planned on meeting exactly at 8:00 in the parking lot so we could walk in together. The club wasn’t that busy yet but the locker room was packed. Girls I hadn’t seen during the week were there, I guess they only work the weekends. We were lucky to find a locker and got dressed.

Mandy wore a blue bikini with the same shoes I had and I wore my corset, garters and white thigh highs. I had my hair twisted up with curls falling down the sides of my face. There was a girl in the back the kind of reminded me of Kylie but a blonde version. Maybe it’s because she was older. Her name was Desiree and I later found out how wrong I was to ever compare her to Kylie. Desiree was very skinny and had large fake boobs and one of those fake hair toppers (you know the kind that looks like you have more hair than you do). I later found out from her that she was married with children and her husband was in construction but had recently had a back injury and was out of a job. At first I found her a bit noble to be working really hard to keep her family afloat but with Desiree everything about her was fake including the spiel she was spewing. What she didn’t want you to know was that she was a major coke whore and would prostitute herself out for the smallest gram but more on her later.

I worked the crowd that night with my stage performances and the free dance section of the night. Three times a night to get the crowd going and as kind of an advertisement for you the D.J shouts out free dances. You get a 1 minute blurb of a song to dance for a guy. Hopefully he likes it and actually will buy a dance but many times people will just come in for the free dance and not buy one single dance. If those guys come in frequently enough they are known and girls will talk about them and they won’t get any dances. I have seen girls who will step up to these guys thinking they are going to get a free dance and when the music starts not even move, just stand there. The guys get the point after a few times a start shelling out some money. Since it was my first Friday night and I was a newcomer I did really well. That was the night I met Eric.

Eric was in with 10-15 guys and at first I didn’t want to dance for him because I was intimidated to dance with all those guys watching. Once I got off stage he called over for me to give his friends a dance. I got over my nerves and did the dance and he bought the rest of the guys a dance. I asked him if he would like a dance but he said no. He asked me if he could just pay me to sit and talk with him. Really? I sat and he told me he was a stock broker for a major firm and these were his clients and he brings clients in frequently. Eric reminds me of George Kastanza, in fact he looks just like him. When the song ended he grabbed my leg and told me to “go make some money kid”.

What Eric had done for me that I didn’t realize it at the time was to get all the other customers intrigued. They all thought I must have given amazing dances to be kept that busy so they all wanted a dance. I even had guys coming up to me while I was dancing for one guy to ask in the middle of dance to come see him after I was done. What that did was make the guy I was originally dancing for spend the rest of his money on me. Once I finally finished dancing for all the guys that night I left with $925. That was huge money!

3 thoughts on “Freaky Friday…”

  1. what did you do differently with the dance? did you dance for all of them at the same time? i imagine you working the crowd i wish iraq there

  2. I’d given up on this blog. You were doing so well but then you got all tame. Where are the details you promised this is beginning to feel like a tease of a blog. This was all interesting and stuff but you don’t tell us what you did to those 15 guys.

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