Once you go black…

Thursdays were always surprisingly busy to Mandy and my demise. We liked to stay at home and watch Friends and ER but one day they were having reruns on both shows and showed up to work. We were shocked at how busy it was I guess it was because all the guys’ girlfriends and or wives were at home watching friends.

The crowd was filled with a good mix of guys. There were young guys who notoriously only spend at most $40, business men who could make your night, the sleazy regulars who wouldn’t buy a dance unless there was a new girl he could take advantage of and normal regulars who were off limits unless he was yours. I made my rounds a noticed this very tall black guy. I leaned over and asked him for a dance and to my surprise he said ‘yes’. See typically black guys and Mexican guys don’t like getting dances from me. Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t have a big enough booty or I just have too much attitude, I am not really sure. Mexican guys usually don’t get dances because once they start speaking Spanish to me and I don’t reciprocate it back they get annoyed. I can understand Spanish and speak it enough but not enough to go into a conversation.

The guy was at least 6’5, very fit and well dressed. I started the dance and it was a bit difficult because he was so tall. I couldn’t throw my leg over his shoulder it was too high. I ended up doing a lot of grinding down on his nice slacks. I felt a little bad like I would wrinkle them, but I could tell he could care less. I felt him grow bigger and bigger. I am not exaggerating when I say that his dick came down to his knee. It was tucked on the left side of his pants and when I rubbed it with my ass I could feel it pulse. I have to be honest there are not many men that turn me on while I am dancing but he certainly did. I kept imagining the size of his dick. I knew if I ever had sex with someone that size he would break me in two. His chest and legs were so well defined and when I ran my hands down it I could clearly envision what he looked like naked. He was getting me wet.

The dance wasn’t long enough and I wanted to keep dancing for him. When I went to ask him for another dance he said he had ‘curfew’. I walked him to the door where he got in his limo and drove away. I totally wanted to hop in the limo with him and go back to his room. He has been the only one to this day that I have wanted to do that with.

The next dance I did paled in comparison to my dark stallion. To this day I think fondly back on that dance.

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