Talent’s West

Talent’s West is the unsuspecting corporation for Sugar’s, Rick’s and Honey’s. The owner Frank Sr. was arrested for racketeering and then he and his son Frank Jr. were arrested for tax fraud and were in prison while their right hand man Bobby ran the clubs. When I came to Talent’s West Frank Jr. had just been released, this was to my favor because Frank Jr. was a married man and actually just owned the clubs and never meddled in the girls’ business. Apparently when Frank Sr. ran the clubs, girls were basically given the opportunity to sleep with him or loose their jobs. In fact I have met girls that have left these clubs and gone to Vegas or other clubs in Seattle to get away from his lecherous hands.

One of the girls came over to Déjà Vu when I worked back in Seattle after Vegas; her name was Texas. I asked her if she was from Texas and she said no. I hate it when girls make up names just to make them up. The funny thing is I knew her, but I don’t think she recognized me. My boyfriend was a gang intervention counselor for Everett Community Center and he worked for this guy Mark who was married with two kids and was sleeping with this stripper. I knew of her because I often when up to Everett to see my boyfriend and there she was coming out of Mark’s office. So the funny thing is she was working at Rick’s when Frank Sr. was released and he basically knew her for the whore she was and propositioned her. Apparently she just tried to laugh him off and since he is old and didn’t like to be laughed off he just took advantage of the fact she worked at his club and felt her up. She quit and filed a lawsuit against him. It’s laughable. She is a stripper working in an industry where guys feel her up all the time and she is offended that this old pervert felt her up. The only difference was that she didn’t get $20 for it. She deserved it! She was sleeping around with a married man with kids, which to me is the ultimate low.

When I met Frank Jr. after being interviewed by Bobby he sat behind this huge desk and he asked me for my last name. When I told him what it was he nodded his head and told me I was always welcome to dance at anyone of his clubs. I never had any problems with Frank or Frank Jr. I had often heard of them being affiliated with the mafia and I never saw it and I had been around them a lot and even to Frank Sr. house. He had the most amazing house it’s located about 5 miles from where I grew up and it’s right on the lake. It’s like stepping back into the 1970’s totally preserved even its furniture is very cool retro. The best part of his house is the swimming pool. The swimming pool sits on the main floor but when you walk into the basement there is a great big bar and large windows looking right into the swimming pool like an aquarium. I asked Bobby ‘why the windows’ he said so Frank can see everything just in case the girls want to get naked. He’s just a typical dirty old man.

I was reading the paper today and ran across this article which was interesting and I just had to give my input…



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