Movin’ on up

I had a thousand dollars from that first week so I was ready to move out. Really though a thousand dollars isn’t a lot of money when looking for an apartment and I was unsure of what my yielding potential would be. I picked one of the cheapest areas I could find and went from there. The place was in an area not known for its safe beautifully manicured neighborhoods in which I was accustomed but just the opposite. I settled on a community because just as chance would have it I knew the manager at the apartments. Renee used to babysit me when I was a toddler and knowing her guaranteed me a place to live without having rental history or credit.

The rent was $430 plus and additional monthly fee of $15 to have a washer and dryer. After leaving a $400 deposit I was almost back to square one. I packed my red Honda CRX full of all of my clothes and headed to my new apartment. After running back and forth like that I borrowed my dad’s pick up truck and took apart my bed and packed the rest. By the time he got home that night I had moved everything out of my bedroom without his knowledge. I didn’t even have a phone for my Dad to call me on and we didn’t speak for over a week before I had the courage to call. Of course he asked how I could afford it and I told him that I was working more hours and rent was cheap.

What he didn’t know was where I lived and I didn’t really want him to know. My neighbor to the left of me was pregnant and her boyfriend beat her nightly. I would lie in bed in my empty apartment and listen to him scream at her and things banging against the wall and to me it sounded like she was the thing being banged around. I would see Holly the next day and she wouldn’t say anything but a slight nod. Eric on the other hand was very verbal and in fact the fucker used to flirt with me. He knew I came home late and left with a bag full of costumes and put things together and pretty much figured I was doing something illicit. Pat the neighbor above me was really nice but constantly high. He had a two long pinky nails and was constantly rubbing his nose. He was really an oversized teddy bear and always looked out for me. When he would come home in the afternoons he would stop by and check up on me. He had an appetite for porn movies, cocaine and exotic magazines and was the first person to show me Carmen Electra. I thought ‘wow she is beautiful’ maybe what I am doing isn’t so dirty.

My apartment was full of Goodwill finds. I had money from stripping but I was a bit afraid to spend it. I thought if I had decent furniture or newly bought clothes it would stand out to my family and they would become suspicious.

To celebrate my new digs I headed off to Sugars. I really felt more confident and sexy then I have had after all I didn’t have to sneak around anymore I could come and go as I like without the explanations. My dances got sexier too. I started experimenting with my dances and in particular this move in which I bend down placing my head right below the guys balls and put my hands on either side of his legs on the floor and then did a head stand flipping my legs up in the air sprawling them out so his face is right in my pussy. I had to try this out a few times before I got it right because I didn’t want to kick anyone in the face when I flipped over. I also mastered the art of hiding things when I flipped all my hair over to the side and I leaned over the guys shoulder I could slip my bra down just a bit so they could have a peek a boo view of my naked tits.

I also experimented with my “hair cut” not the hair on top of my head but my pussy hair. At first I started out with the standard “landing strip” but felt like most of the girls had that and I need to stand apart so I opted for the “5 o’clock shadow” which is like a “landing strip” but a really close shave so the hair is almost shaved off and there is nothing to the imagination. There were definite pros and cons with this, the pro is that it was more risqué but the con was that you had to maintain it every day or the “shadow” would become a beard and it would be very itchy.

I did confide in my older sister Kathy and told her that I had started working as a stripper. I didn’t realize at the time that she would end up backstabbing me and further break apart my already crumbling relationship with my parents.

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  1. you’re teasing us with your lap dance snippets. More details on exactly what you did. Photo’s please so we can see what we’re missing

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