Calling all friends

I couldn’t believe in a matter of three nights I had made almost what I made in an entire month of working as a nanny and weekend lifeguard. I was working 7 days a week and now it looked like I only would need to work 3 days to make the kind of money I was used to getting. I had called Mandy, my best friend from High School, to see what she had been up to since we graduated and just see how she liked living with her boyfriend. Mandy had hit it big or so she thought. She had been in a car accident with a pizza delivery car that hit her from behind and they had a huge payout. Now was she really that hurt, no. I always thought that was really bad karma but it wasn’t mine it was hers to deal with.

I went over to her apartment where she had it completely decorated with brand new furniture and had a closet full of new clothes (everything from Nordstrom’s of course), but what she hadn’t told me was that she had spent all of her money from the accident. She was kind of flaunting her new found riches and then I stopped her and told her about my new news. I told her that as a stripper within three days I had made over $1000 dollars and I was contemplating quitting my jobs so I could work more. She was a bit shocked at first. I remember her giving me a judging look of disgust but I kept on and told her about the dancers and how if you did a relatively clean lap dance you could make some money.

Did I tell her that guys were constantly trying to slide their fingers up your panties or that they were always trying to lick you if you got too close? No. She would have to find out about those things on her own. I did tell her that she would have to grind her ass all over the guys lap until he almost burst and then back off so she didn’t get cum all over her. I did tell her that the girls were catty and vicious and the best thing today was to be friendly but to steer clear of the locker room. I told her about Bonnie, our bitchy manager and how when she used to be a stripper she would stuff her mouth with cotton balls and go around giving guys blow jobs.  The cotton balls were used so she didn’t have cum trickling down her throat.  After she finished the blow job she would spit out the cotton balls and collect her money. I told her strip clubs weren’t like that anymore and she shouldn’t be scared to consider being a stripper. After she found out just how much money she could make by doing lap dances and working the pole she asked where and when she could start working.

Bobby, the guy who oversees all the strip clubs, was so happy that I was recruiting friends to work that he loaned Mandy the $100 license money to start working right away. It was purely for selfish reasons that I told Mandy about Sugars, I really didn’t want to work alone and Kylie wasn’t a predictable worker. I knew if Mandy worked with me and it was a slow night we could keep each other busy or we could also watch over each other. I am pretty sure that her parents still hate me to this day for telling Mandy about stripping but I certainly didn’t twist her arm.

Mandy definitely has that girl next door look but she is not as voluptuous as I am. She is 5’1 weighing 110 lbs with small, perky B boobs. I wasn’t really worried about her being any sort of competition for me as I figured we would both attract a different guy. She had that definite obtainable look. What I mean by that is guys actually thought they could woo her and she would date them. She did well her first night.

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