Just another Tuesday night

So I had successfully made it through two nights flying under the radar until Tuesday. Let this be said about strippers they are very territorial probably, more so than a Lioness. I picked Sugars for two reasons I wouldn’t have a huge amount of competition because let’s face it most of the strippers there had been there for ages, I would be ‘ fresh meat’ and two because it was further away from my hometown.

I walked into the locker room on Tuesday night with all eyes and heads turned towards me. I am only 20 years old in college and have lived at home until recently. I was raised in a relatively normal environment compared to some of these women and I don’t do well when in a volatile spaces.

“Gabrielle you have been making a lot of money lately” said the Godfather of the locker room. No matter where you are in the world there is always and I mean always someone who runs the back rooms. ‘Passion’ was a self proclaimed ‘Dyke’ and she was huge. I have no idea how she even made money other than she was a nasty dancer. She was waiting for a response from me if I had said ‘yeah more than I ever expected’ I could get hurt but if I responded like ‘no I haven’t done as well’ they would know I was lying. My response was this ‘well I have done alright but I still have a lot to learn and that is why I watch you ladies for tips’. Partly that was true I did watch them to see what they did and how the danced because they just seemed to float and dance so easily but also I gave them a compliment so how could they kill me for that right? Well I couldn’t really think that these women were going to act rational as they smoke pot right in front of everyone and drank openly which were banned, but they did it anyway. They gave me a pass for awhile and I thanked my lucky stars. I made the conscious effort to never go back into the locker room except to get dressed as quickly as possible and to pee.

That same lucky night I met someone who would be instrumental in my success, her name was Kylie. Let me tell you about Kylie, she is statuesque and naturally draws you to her with her presence. She is probably the only person I have ever met who has that much presence yet is kind, loving and very smart. She has the ability to turn anything around in her favor. She can work a guy over and have him not even catch on and leave with everything he near enough owns. She is the ultimate classy stripper and really was way too good for Seattle.

I sat on the back bench because it was a painfully slow night and after having that run in the ‘Godfather’ and her thugs I didn’t want to stand out too much. Kylie had just walked in and sat down to survey the room. “Shit, huh” she asked. “Yeah, pretty much. It has been like this all night.” I replied wondering why this woman was talking to me. She had explained that she was forced to come and work over here because she had gotten a ‘ticket’ at Ricks. A ticket of prostitution means that you are not allowed to work within the same establishment for either a matter of time or if you are found guilty you can’t work there ever again. The good thing is that Ricks, Sugars and Honey’s are all owned by the same sleaze bag and he can just bounce you from club to club. Kylie and I became fast friends.  How lucky I was that she took me on because Kylie is the exception to my stripper cast systems. She had been dancing for a while but you would never notice because Kylie takes amazingly good care of herself and likes to be the player never to be played. She doesn’t get wrapped up in hanging out in the locker rooms and doesn’t take on too many friends, she knows this is a business and wants to live comfortably from it. Teach away, teach away…

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