Would you like a dance?

My first dance was like a junior high school student was giving it. I was so nervous. My manager Bonnie not to touch them or I could get fined for prostitution. How was I supposed to do this then? Looking around I saw all the other girls grinding away, shoving their tits in either the guys face or mouth and decided ‘f*ck her’. The minute my ass slid against his penis she waltzed over and gave me the ‘get off him’ look. Damn, I was caught. So the rest of the dance was three feet away like the law says and needless to say he didn’t want another dance. Really there are a ton of things you can’t do when stripping. You are not allowed to touch the customer, or touch yourself in a sexual way on stage. Is that even possible? How are you supposed to make money? Basically the law tries to inhibit you from making money so if the police come into a club most girls will get tickets of prostitution. You are also not allowed to take anything off when doing a lap dance but are allowed to be completely naked on stage. If you don’t completely disrobe the owners frown on it and you could find yourself out of a job.

Taking a cue from the other girls and watching them I noticed the only way to make money was through contact. Those other dancers were good, they made the dance look sensual and erotic all the while having the guys absolute attention. They draped their hair over body parts and hovered around them like a shield from any outside onlookers and to cover up the things they weren’t supposed to being doing. They made a dance in the center of the room seem like it was just the two of them. Now admittedly some of the girls were not so good they acted like the guy bored them and that the dance was a favor for guy. I knew I did not want to act like that.

I found another guy sitting in the corner and asked him for a dance away from Bonnie’s prying eyes. In the corner I leaned over and whispered “would you like a dance?” We agreed on the $20 price and I wanted to make this 210 seconds count. I slid up and down him like the pole my thighs rubbing his penis. I knew he was getting turned on because he was getting harder and harder. I leaned into him whilst breathing lightly in his ear so that he could have full view of my pushed up D’s as my nipples almost peeked out of their hiding place. I lifted my leg onto the top of the chair and flexed my legs so that he could see the entire length of my leg whilst running my hands down the inside of my thigh. I could feel him getting wet through his pants so I backed off a little still giving him a good dance without so much contact and when the dance was through he asked for another one.

I certainly wasn’t the dirtiest of dancers that night; believe me I saw much worse. There are different casts of dancers the ‘girl next door’ which thank God I fell into, the ‘alternative girl’ who has more piercings and tattoos and usually extremely smart, the ‘gangsta girl’ who is usually white sometimes black and always has a black boyfriend and tries to act like she grew up in Compton, the ‘rocker chic’ who acts likes and looks like she was raised in the 80’s mostly wears a g-string type of bikini and plays ‘cherry pie’ on stage and then finally there is the ‘old rocker chic’ who has been stripping for more than 10 years and has had her tits in a bra for about 10 hours of her entire 10 years of stripping. Her boobs are sad and droopy, unless she has had a boob job and then they are usually still sad and droopy with a ball at the end. Also the girls who have done it for a long time are jaded they will do anything for $20 and if that means sliding their panties to the side so the guy can shove his fingers into her then they will do it. Let’s face it the majority of the guys coming in like the “virgin” dancer. The girl who looks like the girl next door who isn’t jaded and doesn’t know better with boobs that still have bounce. Unless they are hard core regulars then they always like the ‘old rocker chic” because they will get more for their money.

Three hundred and fifty dollars later I left the club. I couldn’t believe that I just had made an entire week worth of working as a nanny and lifeguard in one short night. I decided to come back the next night and see how it went. What I didn’t expect was that school the next morning was going to come too soon and my Algebra Trig 8:00 am class was going to have to wait. I did however just barely slid into my 9:00 am English class but everything the teacher taught felt like it was in a different language. I am not sure if it was the smoke still clouding my brain from last night or the fact that I didn’t get home until well into 3:00 am but this was harder than I expected and things were going to have to change. I left school shortly after 11:00 am and went to go pick up my little man, Aaron. He had just turned three and my job was to get him home, put him to bed for a nap, pick up the house, start dinner and then play with him for the rest of the afternoon until his parents got home around 6:30pm.

I felt like they could see right through me that first day. Aaron’s dad asked me if I was feeling alright and I responded a bit too quickly ‘yeah’. I think he could tell something was going on and that I might have lost my innocence about me or my conscience was getting to me. I realized I probably couldn’t keep up with both and I would have to decide between being a nanny and being a stripper.

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  2. great stuff. I like your writing style and you certainly tell a good, sexy story. How about more descriptive details about your dances though? Were you ever turned on by them? I’m left wanting more details about you, your moves and your body.

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