First Time

I can still remember the first time I stepped onto the stage, butterflies couldn’t even describe the fear I felt. I was about to take my clothes off for the very first time in front of anyone. Now, don’t get me wrong I had sex before my first appearance on stage and of course taken my clothes off but it was always in the dark and some item of clothing was left on so this was the first time to get completely naked and in a room with 30 or more men. With my new V.S. negligee and stripper shoes I wasn’t sure what was more daunting breaking my neck or undressing.

“Let’s welcome Gabrielle for her first time ever to the stage,” our D.J barked out loudly over the music. Now all eyes were definitely on me! I kept telling myself do not look at anyone, don’t fall and don’t stop dancing. I can do this it’s only 210 seconds!!! 210 seconds is three in a half minutes which is what all stripper songs are cut to. I had all these worries running through my head as I grabbed the pole and wrapped my legs around it seductively and twisted around. I backed up to the mirror and leaned against it teasing the audience lifting my dress up then I realized when should I start undressing? If I did it too soon, I would stand there naked for too long and loose all mystery but if I waited too late then I wouldn’t be able to completely undress and the guys would think I was a prude. I slid down the mirrored wall and crawled on my knees as my large breasts almost fell out of the pushed up bra they were in. During this time when I was starting to make contact with the audience my fear was what if I recognized anyone. As I slipped off my crushed red velvet V.S. negligee I caught someone’s eye. It was Sean M. who I had dated in High School. He was such a jackass always trying to go further than I ever wanted and when I broke things off with him he went around telling everyone I was a prude. After dating him in the 10th grade I swore off boys for the rest of my school years. This was so typical for me, anytime I wanted anonymity I always ran into some one I knew. At that moment while watching his eyes grow bigger and probably the small penis he had in his pants, I decided to embrace Gabrielle and to work it.

I swung my hair around the floor and twisted around on my back kicking my leg up to my head and holding it there. I teased the crowd running my fingers under the elastic in my panties pulling them up, down and then back up and finally I slipped my panties off and flipped them back over my head. Really there is no rhyme or reason why I took off my panties first other than I just didn’t want to be flat on my back when taking my bra. See, if you have real boobs like I do and you are on your back they tend to lay down and not look as perky. So I writhed on the floor as I ran my hands from the inside of my thighs to my breasts turning over to standing and did another swing around the pole before heading back to the wall to take my bra off. Taking my bra off was a huge balancing act because those shoes are a little like stilts and leaning back to unhook the clasp took a lot of effort not to fall. I have to say the trickiest part of the dance was taking my lacy black bra off whilst trying to look sexy. Once the bra was off I was getting whistles and grunts from the crowd. Now completely naked I went back to the pole and placed it between my breasts wrapping my leg around it like it was a huge dick that I was titty fucking. When the song ended there was a ton of whoops and hollers with huge applause. As I walked off the stage I said hello to Gabrielle and goodbye to Ellie.

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