Shopping on Credit

I wanted to start working straight away but I didn’t really have anything too sexy. I mean of course I had matching bras and panties but I really wanted to create an image. I wanted Gabrielle to look as though she had stepped out of a Victoria’s Secret catalogue. I wanted her to be classy and sexy but not trampy.

I had called Bobby and let him know that I had my license taken care of and then asked him a very important question ‘where do you get stripper shoes?’ He directed me to this strip mall in Lynwood that had the most selection. This was in the days before you could buy these types of things online ( which would have been far less embarrassing. I walked into the store and the clerks were definitely doing a double take because this store is all about things for strippers. They were sure I walked into the wrong store.

I think my olive tanned skin turned to magenta when I told the clerk I was looking for some shoes for work. She gave me the once over than asked me how high I wanted them and if I had ever walked in these types of shoes? I certainly had not, but I just found a pair that I thought were cute and asked for them in a size 7. I tried the shoes and near enough broke my ankle. They were 7 inches high resting on this tiny platform thing. I did a lap around the store breaking them in and placed my credit card down for the purchase. These were the most expensive shoes I ever had worn; $150 for slutty shoes!

Now that my shoes were picked I went off to find the right outfit. I walked into V.S. and bought everything I could find that would give me lift and would make me look sexy. I picked out two short negligees; one crushed velvet red and one satin black that clung just right with matching bras and panties. Then I picked out a red corset and matching panties with garters. I tried them on and even I was a bit impressed. My breasts were so full and my tanned stomach so smooth, this was the look I wanted. The clerk asked me how I would like to pay for this and I said ‘credit please’.

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