Gabrielle is born…

I started that night and it was the weekly waitress contest. The manager who was far nicer this time had suggested that since I was the prettiest waitress that I should try the contest. My competition was a girl who, bless her, had a prosthetic leg, a mustache and glasses and my other competition looked completely cracked out and was wearing granny panties; I didn’t have stiff competition. The prize was $100, I was in. I didn’t have anything to wear other than my purple lace bra and my purple lace thongs, good thing I had worn my nice underwear. I am pretty blessed in the breast department. In fact I got breasts over night, one day was a solid B and it seems like the next morning I woke up with D’s. I remember all the boys in the 9th grade wanted to feel them to make sure they weren’t fake. Like that was going to work.

I was told to pick out some music and I wasn’t sure what would be sexy enough so I picked a song I had loved to sing at the top of my lungs when I was 8 especially because it pissed my parents off, “darling nikki” by prince. I think I could have stood up there on stage dressed in a bhurka and won. I danced awkwardly on the stage. The main stage didn’t have a pole so I was really nervous as what I was to do. I spent a lot of the song with my face pushed up against the mirrored wall shaking my ass. What a novice! Thank God for the song did it for me. At the end I was $100 richer.

Later that night Bobby came in to see me and ask me how the night had gone and I told him I had won the contest and he told me to use that $100 towards an entertainer’s license because that was where I could make the most money. He didn’t really have to convince me because $100 was well over a days worth of work as a nanny. If I could dance at night in no time I would be out of my dad’s house.

The next day I skipped class and went down to Seattle to apply for an entertainer’s license. I had to pick a name that the license went under because you never want to use your own name. I had picked ‘Gabrielle’ since everyone automatically assumed it could be my name because I am Italian and Spanish. It was also my made up name in my high school Spanish class; easy for me to remember. So, Gabrielle was born.

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